Welcome! Sul Sul!!

♫ Curious about the Sims Language - Simlish? Here's a complete guide for you to learn all about Simlish to enhance your simming experience.

♫ Simlish is the language of the Sims. It is assumed that Simlish is the official language of the Sims.

♫ Learn more about Simlish in Facts about Simlish

Simlish Dictionary

Simlish Dictionary: An Unofficial Guide

A compliation of Simlish for Sims 1, Sims 2 and 3! Feel free to comment or add more when you have more simlish words to add!

♪ Sul Sul
Oh Feebee Lay!
I'm Hungry!
♪ Lalo
Za Woka Genava
I think you are hot
Ooh Be Gah
Very Good!
Dag Dag
Choo wagga choo choo!
Something in the way!
Whippna Choba Dog!
This is cool!
Sulsul! Plerg Majah Bliff?
Hello! Can I do something else?
Gerb Woof Em
Come Here
Sass Awrful
That's Awful!
Badeesh / Vadish
Blursh! Meshaloob! Blursh!
Excuse me! Get out of my way!
Dooby Zession
Ah, van vesua! Cummuns nala
Hello, how are you doing?
Arriba chandler
You annoying TV workout presenter!
Move away
Awasa poa
I'm bored
I want to go to the bathroom!
Bum Bum
Woah! This is fun
Bloo Bagoo
Hey whats up?
I am pregnant
I don’t like you
Cuh Teekaloo
Hey there, how’s it going?
Depwa Spanewash Depla Blah
You! Yes you! Go away!
Dis Wompf Es Fredesche
This food is delicious
You are looking good!
See you soon
I’m tired
Hooba Noobie
What’s up?
Nicloske Ga Gloope
I would like a taxi to come pick me up
Shoo flee
There’s a problem!
Veena Fredishay
Let’s play
I do when proposing
Uhh shamoo ralla poo
I’m so bored
Renato! Renato!
Go Away!
burbin nerbs
Broken glass
Neeshga! Neeshga!
No, no!
Ahhhh Molombia
this one i don't know
Abbi anar
Balinda macoy
Hello, cutie/ Nice chick
Damnit! You are in the way
Dustin aey ball
bend and stretch now.
Fleny Fleny
Get out, I really gotta tinkle!
aw, dangit
Flart or Flort or Flarn
Green iguanas fluing in the sky
Green iguanas flying in the sky?
Garnar frash
Harva sol labaga along with hava so lawnumg
Hey! party at my house
Hey you ball of sacks
Um... absolutely no idea!
Oh my god!
Le la la cula
Said when a need is low
Anyone home?
big, gigantic
Oh moratic!
Oh hysterical!
oo krem letich
ow man, this is great
Ooh shaboo
Oh, this is a nice piece of clothes
Ooo shanga day
Why me?
ole-like (m)joel
Attention, help
O vwa vwaf sna
Nice to meet you
ooh, I look like a smokin' hottie in this!
is this a room?
When they are low in mood
Uh, licht nar
When an obstacle is in the way
Yucky, yucky
This food is great, when used by toddler
Ya gotta wob'ere! Ya gotta wob'ere!
Don't give up! Keep trying!
Deesh, deesh, deesh
Think! Think! Think!
♪ Sperk
♫ Speak
♪ Zo Hungwah
♫ So Hungry!
♪ Fretishe
♫ Everything
♪ Fretishe Miza
♫ Everything is in the way
♪ Mik Up
♫ Make Out
♪ Litzergam
♫ Thank You
♪ Dobbinips
♫ Dominoes
♪ Mik
♫ One
♪ Mak
♫ Two
♪ Maka
♫ Three
♪ Gerbit
♫ Llama
♪ Wabadebadoo
♫ I'm on fire!
♪ Turkey nurbler?
♫ Does that feel better?
♪ Firby nurbs
♫ You have some nerve
♪ Delco webney
♫ Believe it or not
♪ Arbo gwinchey
♫ By the way
♪ Kabuna
♫ Who cares
♪ Benzi chibna looble bazebni gweb
♫ Nothing is impossible if you believe
♪ Ah, gwanda blitz
♫ Hey, great idea
♪ Ribby wibbs
♫ Remember this
♪ Ah, docka morpher
♫ Hey, I know what you mean


Anonymous said...

I love the outfit that sim is wearing! Where'd you get it?
And also, thanks for putting this together! I always wondered about some of the words!!!!

bitterquill said...

This must have taken a lot of work. I never really thought about learning Simlish but it's fun to know there are translations for some of it.

BTW anon, the outfit in the image is one of the downloads for the Katy Perry edition of Showtime.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to learn Simlish! It'd be cool to know what they're saying.

MV said...

What about Fwabaloo. I didn't see that up there, but it means fall in love. I only know that because instead of singing "If I could write you song make you fall in love...." I sing "If I could write you a song make you fwabaloo....".

I will try to see if I can find any more words, but thats one word I am sure of. :D

sugarshoes9cc said...

I remembered when I played on The Sims 2 Castaway on ps2 loads. I liked the "Love Is Wicked" song alot. From that I learned my first simlish word: Wicka. It means Wicked :)

Harmony Loft said...

Thanks everyone for your comments:)

Anonymous said...

So many to remember@@

Anonymous said...

My favorite phrase in the sims is Moki Hoki. That means something along the lines of okey dokey.

Anonymous said...

Commun snanna (or como en snana) means how are you since they say that when they answer the telephone.

jackboothexplodes said...

Do you have country names/language names in simlish?

Αννα Συρμου said...

My favourite phrase is choose waka choose chopping of the simlish language.Thanks for putting this!!!!!Really!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what about les fruby noo!!!??!! everybody knowswhat that means!! (and for those who dont it means: Last Friday Night. u get the simlish song of t.g.i.f when u get katyperry sweet treats and btw its really boring)

Anonymous said...

I didn't see tiruma up there

Anonymous said...

me and my friend are learning simish u hav been a great help!

Anonymous said...

you forgot gestapo..... they say that

daniele said...

I hear very often like something....borgborgo in the recipe channel, and yoryoryor...anyone can confirm and maybe translate this???Is like an obsession.I forget, in the sims 3

edit:simlish seems a captcha

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot :D I actually have alot to remember though to speak with my sims @_@

Loofy25 said...

Thank you for putting together this guide:)

Anonymous said...

"Dag dag" is a greeting. And only female Sims say "Blursh! Meshaloob! Blursh!". No wonder this place is an "unofficial guide".
♣Happy St. Patrick's day♣

Anonymous said...

I hear them say "Borgle" a lot. What does that mean?

Anonymous said...

Tell me where our time went- toe bro mad roo youn dock
And if it was time well spent- mee liff it ha newn sys stra
Just don't let me fall asleep- jay soul ray per no lindad
Feeling empty again- Leesti newburn ocrame

Cause I fear I might break- a cou show cou dream iad
and I fear I can't take it- cou show cou toy youm feet
Tonight I'll lie awake feeling empty- Jailee cou por rya leesti nooyou

I can feel the pressure- cou lee glashta shayner
It's getting closer now- fee dopo subri da
We're better off without you- bay sahblay dar bayo rhan

Now that I'm losing hope- da soma cou roonskee hash
And there's nothing else to show- ma seen ussa born to deeb
For all of the days that we spent- to bor ta la cor ad vice
Carried away from home- leber awave in hope

Some things I'll never know- oh sak cou bounde qua
And I had to let them go- cou hote you soun der bra
I'm sitting all alone feeling empty- coum brashon so olad leesti nooverd

Without you- bayo rhan

Anonymous said...

Where's all the flirting ;)

Anonymous said...

woohoo ain't up there...

Anonymous said...

Dwamb = damn
lets froempi nu = last friday night
Borgle Twan ni kaap = ofcourse
fink plamimbo's = pink flamingo's(tgif )

Anonymous said...

Ade nana kate (?) = hugging a baby?

David Chai said...

My sims sometimes say "ARGH.. Chulalaaa--" when they're hungry!

Anonymous said...

Great dictionary!

If anyone knows what the Simlish word 'blenditorch' means, I'd love to know! I came across it when I started playing Sims years ago and always wondered what it meant; it sounded so funny! lol.

Sandra said...

what about Dad and Mum and sister aunt uncle grandmother grandfather nephew and niece and other names in the family

buttface3000 said...

this is so cool thanks 4 making this!!!
sul sul!! lol

Simply Simful said...

Agoyo means Forever

Sims Guy said...

What about this:

Acibdilla Cob – Phrase used to show discontent or anger. Mostly used by female teenagers/ young adults.

Noviliyani Ahmadi said...

Cool !! :D

Kirsty Stear said...

Don't forget about Schrib-Wand

Anonymous said...

You also forgot Zart Tashtool uh it means something is in the way when you use the second voice when you create your sim in the sims 3 :)

Anonymous said...

that's awesome, thanks it's so helpful :D ( Hamza )

Anonymous said...

when my sims are hungry they say "neep netaal" what on earth is that ?

Anonymous said...

What's growl, raging, koodon mean? I hear angry Sims yelling it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Garnar frash, whippna choba dog!

(Damn, this is cool!)

Anonymous said...

What about Apleeconderoy? You hear it when you're creating your Sims voice in Sims 3

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what "nargy narg" means? my sims say that sometimes...

Anonymous said...

How to Make Your Sims Speak English

Maxis, the manufacturer of "The Sims," designed the game to appeal to people around the world. The manufacturer went so far as to create a special language called "Simlish" for the characters. Since the creation of the game, players have been trying to decipher this unique language and have even compiled a dictionary to decipher the "Simlish" language. Maxis created a cheat code that allowed players to change the language from "Simlish" to English in "The Sims 3."

Things You'll Need

The Sims 3



Start your Sims 3 game and choose the lot you wish to play.

Hold down "Control," "Alt" and "Shift" simultaneously on your keyboard and release. The top of your screen will show a long black box--this is your cheat bar.

Type in the cheat code "Englishspeakingsim" without the quotation marks. The cheat code is one word with no spaces. Press the "Enter" key on your keyboard. Now your Sims will be speaking English.

Anonymous said...

A Sims 4 developer recently announced a new word, called "Yibsim", which means "best friend." Thank you so much for this resourceful list!!

Anonymous said...

On the Sims 2 for the Nintendo DS, some say things like: Ooba Deeshna (Deshnar)! (when they're angry), Teera mar! (when they're happy), Sepa tie ee (when angry or loopy, trying to calm them down). There is plenty more, I'm sure. I own a LOT of Sims games. They tend to stick in your head after playing for awhile and I often caught myself saying it. :3


Anonymous said...

Sul sul! Whippna choba dog, & bum bum. Oh, feebee lay.:)P

Anonymous said...

Sul sul! Peng Xu from Sims 3 Pets here. I would just like to say: Bum bum!! choo wagga choo choo is my fave of all these!!

Anonymous said...

I just laughed when iguanas came into the dictonary

Ronnie de Noube said...

Suul suul all! If I may add a couple more points of information --

(1) All the above refers to spoken Simlish, i.e., what Sims say to one another. A different process is involved when an existing popular song is adapted into Simlish.

(2) Some words, such as "voo" being "you", or "sul-sul" for "aloha" (hello/goodbye), are kept in the language and taught to new voice actors as new games or songs come out.

(3) But even so, the dialect is different between TS2 and TS3. For example, I am a TS3 Sim and we say "degdeg" or "dagdag" mainly for "goodbye", but I know that our honored TS2 cousins use it for "hello" as well.

(4) The July 13 comment alleging a cheat for making Sims speak English is just false. It is a total pile of frackin wibwob. Within the game files are audio clips containing music, sound effects, and Simlish -- only. So, you know, brahsnort ehblah kahna iggyribs yiptor and don't believe everything you read, eu kabafa? Varnoov.


Anonymous said...

what about Durp lurpa dwee??

Anonymous said...


Euan Moore said...

Ram sheepna vunch! - Everybody in the pool!

Mr.Livin'LikeLarry said...

When my sim is hungry, he says "Ah! Ma Gee Da!"

Shannon Louise said...

I'm sure one phrase sounds like they are saying 'Ran Kan Tinni Moon' I'm sure that means something like move out of the way or get out,my sims always say it when someone is in the toilet/bathroom and they are in the same room or when someone is in the way!

Lottie Aphrodite said...

Sul Sul :)

I just wanted to say thanks for creating this dictionary, it's really going to help with my blog and apart from that I think it's a real sweet idea.

I've direct linked this page on my blog so people who check out mine will know where to come.

I was just wondering if you could also link me to the site you got this blog theme from (the polka dots) I had it once before and lost it and I've searched every where for it and couldn't find it until now. I've tried the link at the bottom but I still can't find it on the site, maybe you could help?

Dag Dag! x

Lottie Aphrodite said...

Never mind, I've just this second found it x

Anonymous said...

Hicks aduba idk wht means happens every time me and another sim do something together

Anonymous said...


Md Biplob said...

Yes your are wright and thanks for post a good topic . your post is

top most in related post.

Anonymous said...

Hokey hokey

Anonymous said...

What about Bobble herbie? And zenchi wanido? And zenufwanunan?

Anonymous said...

I know all the word to one more gre day its so cool and I also love last fooby narb

Lilyth Von Gore said...

There's a word in the sims bustin out that sounds like oh-why-en-titu or something like that. They sometimes say it when leaving for work.

Anonymous said...

What about 'Weebie' or, 'Internal Weebie'?

Laura Summers said...

Jowlenin How Did You Translate It?

Anonymous said...

I though jebadoo meant baby......

DiO Mario said...

I have a new word for your list, from the Sims 3: Discroble. As in "Ugh!--disCROBLE," whenever they're grossed out by bad food lyin' around or something. It means "disgusting".

William Shakesphere said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
William Shakesphere said...

One of my sims said: Yipkee banakatoo narbo bazeed when flirting, I don't know what it means though

Becca Dody said...

what is tickle tickle poo

Anonymous said...

In The Sims Free Play, a male sim when talking to any other gender will say "Kiebso", what does that mean?

A. Person U. Dunno said...

On Sims Freeplay, what does 'zebidoo' mean?

Anonymous said...

there's a list of simlish words and their translation on this website: http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Simlish

Anonymous said...

Yatso Zed Ja Wanna Du.... You forgot that one p

pipo said...

where can i find ...lacome stua vuastua
when police is called or foohweh foohweh ezjetwate wasni ne

sufia nabana said...

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Juan Gartner said...

Hello! could I take this to translate it to spanish? giving you credits of course!

Anonymous said...

Big props to the guy who did this!now i really know what my sims are really saying

Jj said...


Anonymous said...

Woofum actual seems to mean cats too. My sims were training their cats for their pet jobs and they keep calling them woofum.

efti said...

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Rebecca said...

Sul Sul!

Thanks for this, it really helps! I appreciate the work you put into this. I also really want a IPad.

Anonymous said...

"Dag dag" is a greeting. And only female Sims say "Blursh! Meshaloob! Blursh!". No wonder this place is an "unofficial guide".
♣Happy St. Patrick's day♣

Xara 777 said...

You can also listen this song from Becky G who is singing English and simlish both!! its just PERFECT!!! <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Great work now you should make an app to learn simlish

Anonymous said...

Is this for Sims freeplay also?

Anonymous said...

Borgle means "ahh you"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like the song "pocket full of sunshine" and I know all the words to it in simish

Anonymous said...

ebbi gransno= some sorta compliment/joke?

Anonymous said...

farzies= yes

Anonymous said...

WAIT you said ravishing means she looks good. I heard my sim arguing with her sister calling her a ravishing pookahn im confused

Anonymous said...

Kiss that llama- kipp ta gerbit not happy- gronk ride- oaib
that changes nothing- ta tchika nathig number- nubba heart- sourn
I love you- A lav vous off-aff stuck- stak
speak- sperk doctor- dactorb will- su
baby- noobo prepare- javo summer- summy
dead- trieb fight- fark space-rocsh

Jessica Seale said...

What about Neb Neb and Zurkula? I always hear that when they're teaching the toddlers to talk.

Anonymous said...

Sims way of saying praise like "good" or "interesting"

Anonymous said...

what about "wazoo ginger neskaboovee" in char editor? :)

Anonymous said...

Sing it on YouTube for us or write it cause I really wanna hear or see it in simlish I just tried learning it simlish on 10/11/14

Anonymous said...

what about sasha- my sim (lucilla) has a baby named lily, and when i select lucilla to cuddle lily, lucilla is always like "awww sasha awww" which is really akward because the baby's name is lily sooo.. anybody know what sasha means

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure but I'd didn't see this on the list: Row redajae cooka flish (not sure if there's a correct way to spell this). My sims say it when they're arguing.

Liama Jhons said...

these are all information will help creating dog food recipes

Anonymous said...

My Sims have been grumbling something like " Jar jar beans..." and I don't know what to do for them. They are inspired and seem happy.

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