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♫ Curious about the Sims Language - Simlish? Here's a complete guide for you to learn all about Simlish to enhance your simming experience.

♫ Simlish is the language of the Sims. It is assumed that Simlish is the official language of the Sims.

♫ Learn more about Simlish in Facts about Simlish

Simlish Alphabet List

Learn how to write in Simlish!!

Simlish Alphabet List in Capital Letters:

Simlish Alphabet List in Small Letters:


Petiline said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

Harmony Loft said...

u are welcome:)

Anonymous said...

thank you really much

atika paramita said...

Ehm... They use different alphabet style on "the sims freeplay"..

Ronnie de Noube said...

@atika paramita, that's true -- a lot of what you see in the game is our traditional native script, which has no exact correspondence to other character sets. What's on this page is the Community Font that is used for rendering English from Roman into Simlish characters -- for instance, when humans make custom content for Sims to use. This is similar to the Japanese practice of using different writing systems for native words vs. foreign loanwords.

Anonymous said...

This is the dumbest fucking website I have ever seen.

Devin said...

The Simlish above has been proven wrong thanks to the Sims 4. The info given about it is in Simlish and none of the characters match what is given above.

Anonymous said...

Are all These comments true?

Arlene Sweeney said...

Perhaps this is the alphabet for some previous sim game, like 2 or perhaps even 3. The sims 4 game is quite different, so maybe the alphabet will be different also. I mean after all the sims free play has a complete different alphabet than the PC games.

Anonymous said...

Could you please translate the text on this Sims 4 introduction page: http://thesims.com/en_GB/thesims4?

Anonymous said...


Alex Taylor said...

this is a The Sims 3 Game simlish or other?
because this page http://www.thesims.com/en_US/thesims4
have not this letters....

AsiaAsiaJa said...

Thanks! I'm sure Skell was here, because on her posters is the same font :)

Maximum Simmer said...

Here is a download link to a word doc. for Payphone clean all in the simphabet. That writing that is like code.

Anonymous said...

Lol im totally gonna sign papers using Simlish

Anonymous said...


Hannah Soto said...

This is AWESOME!!! Me and my BFF are using it as our 'secret' language in writing, or SLIW for short. XD!

Summer Giddings said...

Do you program Maximum Simmer?

Leslie Lim said...

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Jones Henry said...

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Hodoko Akina said...

The is frickin cool! :D

Anonymous said...

SIMS for life

Anonymous said...

Is this for The Sims Freeplay or another one?

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